The suspensions are made of POM. This material enables production of thin pieces that are remarkably elastic and at the same time extremely robust.

Specialised in the conception and manufacturing of components for the bedding industry, our company selects the best materials and carries out tests on all of our products. MODULOFLEX components were submitted to a heavy duty test of 100.000 cycles of 200 kg which enabled us to validate its reliability.

Even under a very significant weight, this system will flatten but will not break. For further information, please refer to the section « Is MODULOFLEX adapted to large people ? ».
MODULOFLEX is designed to adapt to people of all shapes and sizes, including large people.

When under a heavy weight, the system won’t break but it might be flattened onto the support. In this case, the suspension is no longer effective.

In order to fully appreciate the spring effect of our system, we advise that people weighing more than 100 kg add 50 % more suspensions compared to the quantity initially indicated. For example, for a 80/90 x 200 cm (1.6/1.8 m²) kit containing 156 suspensions, it is recommended to add 78 pieces.
In order to improve the comfort of the bed, different firmness zones can be defined. For the lumbar zone particularly, extra support is needed especially for people sleeping on their backs.

To prevent back pains, the bed needs to enable a perfect alignment of the spine. This will allow an optimal rehydration of the intervertebral discs, who act as shock absorbers. This will also allow back muscles, who support the spine, to relax in the best possible way.

With MODULOFLEX it’s very easy to arrange different zones. Firmness can be reinforced by adding extra suspensions under the plate.

All of our standard kits include additional suspensions for this purpose. If you order a custom-made layout, we recommend adding suspensions to the 3 rows covering the lumbar zone.

A thicker mattress will not necessarily improve the comfort of the bed. Just like beds at home, it’s the combination of a mattress and an appropriate bed base which will allow an optimal support.

Once MODULOFLEX is installed under your mattress, you will notice the change in comfort immediately. The bedding will also benefit from an excellent ventilation, which is completely missing when the mattress is lying on a board.
Yes this is possible. As long as MODULOFLEX is installed on a plane surface, it can be used in the same way as a classic bed at home.
As opposed to a slatted bed base, MODULOFLEX offers a large number of supporting points. This point by point elastic technology is used in high end beds.

MODULOFLEX offers a CONTINUOUS and PLANE support area, with no hard points down the middle of double beds.

This advantage in comparison to slatted bases is even more significant in boats. Slats are cut at different lengths to adapt to the bed’s curves, which means that the sleeping area will be harder in places where the slats are shorter and not in places where it is most needed.
Thanks to our online configurator, you can edit and print a personalised assembly drawing, making it really simple to install MODULOFLEX under your mattress.

The materials that we have selected allows you to benefit from the best value for money on the market compared to similar systems.