To have a comfortable bed in boats, trucks or camper vans can be quite a challenge. Limited space and weight restrictions mean that manufacturers generally go for very thin foam mattresses without planning an appropriate bedding support.

A thin mattress lying directly on a board can lead the sleeper to feel hard points, especially when sleeping on the side. The sleep quality is as a consequence strongly impaired and in the worse cases, can trigger back pains.

Another problem with this type of layout is the total absence of airflow. The human body loses the equivalent of one glass of water (25 cl) each night meaning it is necessary to air the bed to avoid mould and to ensure a longer life for the mattress. This is even truer in boats where the ambient air is naturally humid, which in addition to the body heat, creates condensation on the board.

By installing MODULOFLEX, you will instantly improve the comfort of your bed. Thanks to the high number of suspensions your body will be perfectly supported which your back will surely be thankful for! The air will circulate freely under the mattress, protecting it from condensation and contributing to a better bedding hygiene.